Candice is a journalist, videographer, makeup artist and graphic designer based in Atlanta, GA. Originally from Milledgeville, GA, she made her way to Atlanta in 2013 and hasn’t regretted it since.

As a middle-class Korean American growing up in rural suburbia, she learned that things weren’t going to be easy when it came to almost every aspect of her life. From one public school to another, she learned that that was everyone’s struggle: finding themselves and having a story behind the struggle. As she matured, she learned to be more open-minded, communicative and loving towards everyone regardless of their situation because everyone deserves happiness.

Candice will be graduating from Georgia State University in the fall semester of 2017 with a double major in Journalism and Film Production. Straying away from Asian norms, Candice has never had any real interests in having a career in math and/or science. So here she is with the most vulnerable, funny, treacherous moments from her life.

Storytelling and documentaries are Candice’s favorite form of journalism and film. She hopes to one day make her move to L.A. or N.Y.C. after graduating. She has an intense passion for storytelling because it shows other perspectives of situations and the more vulnerable sides of people that aren’t normally showcased through news reporting.

After years of having a roller coaster relationship with blogging and Youtube, Candice has made it a promise to herself and her supporters to do what she loves. Story-times, makeup tutorials, DIYs, whatever there is to see via a little Korean girl, you can get it right here. Plus, it’s FREE and the blogs & videos don’t sound as robotic!


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