Lilac Lollie

Got these nails done in the GSU library during finals week. Talk about therapeutic. This is the first time since 8th grade that I’ve gotten my nails done by a professional nail technician, so you can obviously see I trusted her a lot when it came to putting tools against my nails and making them … More Lilac Lollie


Don’t mind me rolling my eyes- “when you hangry, but you tryna force that smile for bae”- literally.Β This is one of my simpler looks with no eye liner, light lipstick color, light brows, light everything to be honest.Β Also, can we just appreciate my natural lashes here because they hardly ever look this long, defined and … More Natural


That’s right, I made a GIF out of my Snapchat. But this look is one of my all time favorites! My brows areΒ on point, my lashes looked good, lipstick was bomb, face was on fleek.. everything. I rarely like a make-up look so much that I decide that it’s GIF worthy, but I’m slowly creating … More Classic


For years, I have struggled with my lips. I know what you’re thinking: “Candice.. what the hell?”. But I had this one friend who referred to my lips as “black girl lips”. Of course, there is nothing wrong with black girl lips and in no way did I take it as an insult, but as … More Lips

Harley Quinn

This was created after the fifth time I watched Suicide Squad. It wasn’t the greatest movie, but damn, the soundtrack was amazing to where I started watching the movie to listen to the soundtrack haha. I honestly think that the hardest part about this entire look was being able to write “ROTTEN” backwards so it … More Harley Quinn


Halloween 2015, I decided to delve into the world of special effects which turned out to be amazing. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to wear this out because I created this look at like, 3 a.m. a few days before Halloween. But I did have a nice photoshoot with them! Inspiration and products list will be … More SFX