Mind The Gap

This piece means a lot to me. I have never been so proud of something even though it is amateur work. I put in so much work researching, finding the right girls to interview, setting up the interviews, editing, filming, etc. I swear, I put in so much work towards this. I am a feminist … More Mind The Gap

Sunshine Somedays

Originally, this content was created for GA Followers (former intern), but this worked out better for one of my best friend’s blogs. Check out her lifestyle/beauty blog and follow– http://www.sunshinesomedays.com Created using Final Cut Pro 2015 and song used is Ariana Grande – Santa Tell Me (instrumental, obvs)

Marcelles Lowery

This piece is not mine. I just find it incredibly humorous that I was used as the face of this prototype created by my absolute best friend, Marcelles. Check me out hand-modeling this upside down Fitbit.

Exquisite Corpse

The piece was used with a volunteer from my Production I course. With three camera’s and 12 students, we were all to choose a camera an shoot from all types of angles to creature texture and depth for the video as a whole. Moreover, this was a practice course to help us familiarize ourselves with … More Exquisite Corpse

Kappa Sigma Guys Try

Inspired by Buzzfeed’s videos, I created a humorous piece featuring my boyfriend and a few of his fraternity brothers. The was a piece that was supposed to showcase our creativity in aspects of being a multimedia journalist. Yes, I didn’t speak, but I still think this piece turned out to be hilarious. Special thanks to … More Kappa Sigma Guys Try

Feature Story

Little feature story I did for the digital journalism (that has been and will be mentioned). As the diversity piece I did, this was the second assignment I created. Very mediocre work, but still proud of making my small steps towards learning journalism tips and videography/editing skills. Created using Adobe Premiere CC 2017 Pre-production, production and post-production

Film Diversity

This was my very first project that I created as an assignment for my digital journalism class. I know, this is awful quality, low audio quality, etc. but I’m actually proud of the work I put towards this piece being my very first piece and it actually turned out.. pretty okay. Mediocre work, but trust me.. it … More Film Diversity