Super Bowl LI

Where To Watch Super Bowl LI in Atlanta The second and last article I wrote for GA Followers as an intern. This article, along with the website as whole, was targeted to relate to millennials of Georgia by writing informally but keeping it professional. Pretty fun since this is the first Super Bowl I was … More Super Bowl LI

Macbook Pro Touchbar

“Hello, Again” to the Reinvented Macbook Pro Written as a piece for GA Followers when I first started my internship in regards to the release of the revamped Macbook Pro. This would be one of two articles written for GA Followers as an intern, eventually becoming the Media Team Coordinator.

Production Prospectus

Film Prospectus As my final for Media Entrepreneurship, I had the opportunity to think of a film to pitch and create a prospectus for this potential film. Nothing is official that is stated within this prospectus and is used for fictional use. Learning how to develop a storyline, the physical prospectus, marketing strategies, and making … More Production Prospectus


Further Protecting Whistleblowers One of the hardest classes I have ever taken is Communication Law. Also the only C+ I have ever received during my college career. And my first time ever taking my paper to our writing center three times and have a one-on-one appointment with my professor of the course. Along with the … More Whistleblowers

Anna-Maria Reyes

News Feature Story When this assignment was presented to us, our communities were going through school violence or authority taking advantage of their power in a school environment. So I chose to interview one of my friends about her experiences as a student teacher and her perspective on the rise of school violence.

Meeting Story

Meeting Story I was given the task to choose a city council (or whatever council) that was holding a meeting about community resources or any issues within the community. I chose to attend a meeting about the expansion of the Atlanta Beltline. I had a professor who had worked as a CNN anchor who was … More Meeting Story